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Frequently Asked Questions

Fundraising FAQs:

  1. When will the proceeds from a fundraiser be applied to the students account?
    In general, the proceeds are applied to a student’s account within a week of the fundraiser.
    For all of the meal fundraisers (Pancake breakfast, spaghetti dinner, Pork N Pops, etc.) we will not know all of the costs until after the event.
    Also, the longer we have to wait for ticket money to be turned in the longer it takes to determine the proceeds.
    Turn in the ticket money before the deadline for the fundraiser.
  2. How are the proceeds for a meal fundraiser determined?
    The formula for determining the proceeds is the following:
    Number of pre-sale ticket sold  X Ticket price = Income
    Expenses – Walk-in sales = Adjusted Expenses (if walk-in sales exceed expenses then adjusted expenses will equal zero)
    Income – Adjusted Expenses = Profit
    Profit/ Number of pre-sales tickets sold = Amount Earned per ticket.
    The amount earned per ticket will not exceed the ticket price.
  3. How are the proceeds for a Butter Braids or Pastry Puffins fundraiser determined?
    The profit from Butter Braids and Pastry Puffins has been $5.00 per item sold.
    Four dollars is applied to the students account and one dollar is applied to the scholarship fund.
  4. Do the students have to do the fundraising to pay for the trip?
    No they do not. Deposits can be made to the students account.
  5. Do the students need to help at the fundraiser?
    Yes they do. The fundraiser is for the students and they need to be present to help out in any number of ways.
  6. Do the students need to buy a ticket to eat at the food fundraisers?
    Yes they do. If they did not, it would reduce the amount earned per ticket.
  7. Why do the students need to have a certain amounts in their account each month?
    Starting in late Feb. or early March advance payments need to be made to reserve hotel rooms, purchase the tickets at Disney, etc.
    These payments are typically in the range of $25,000 to $30,000 each.
    If the student’s accounts do not meet the schedule there is a possibility we will not make the advance payments on time.
    If the payments are late we could lose reservations and price guarantees.
  8. What if the student cannot meet the goals for their account?
    If a student needs help paying for the trip, please contact Mr. Gleason or Mr. Haug.
    There are limited funds available to assist students in need from the scholarship fund.
    All conversations about student assistance are confidential and kept between the band directors and the student’s family.
    No one else needs to know about the request.
  9. How is money turned in for the fundraisers or on their accounts?
    The money is put in an orange envelope, the School Office has the envelopes, and dropped into the lunch slot by the school office.
    Make sure the student’s name is printed on the outside of the envelope along with what the money is for, such as Deposit to account or the name of the fundraiser.
  10. What is the scholarship fund?
    The scholarship fund is money set aside to financially assist any student.
    A portion of the proceeds from every fundraiser is added to the scholarship fund.
    For meal fundraisers (like spaghetti dinner or pancake breakfast), 10% of the pre-sales tickets is added to the scholarship fund.
    For product fundraisers (like Butter Braids or Pastry Puffins), $1.00 per item sold is added to the scholarship fund.
  11. What if a student does not go on the trip?
    If a student does not go on the trip, for what ever reason, money from fundraising will be transferred to the scholarship fund.
    Money from direct deposits on the account will be refunded on the following schedule:

    1. If a student cancels before Sept. of the trip year (i.e. Sept. 2017 for the trip in Nov. 2017), money that was direct deposited will be refunded shortly after they cancel.
    2. If the student cancels after Sept. of the trip year, money that was direct deposited will be refunded in Dec. after returning from the trip.
  12. What is the Trip Cycle?
    The trip cycle is the 19-20 months of fundraising for a trip.
    The cycle starts in March or April of the even year and ends in November of the odd year after returning from the trip (i.e. April 2016 – November 2017).
    Fundraisers held during the trip cycle apply only to the trip for that cycle.
    Money does not transfer to future trips.
  13. What if I have questions about my students account?
    The treasurer can answer the questions about a student’s account.
    Our current treasure is Julie Moldenhauer and he can be reached by email ( or phone (cell 507‑313‑6290).

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