Winona, Minnesota

Band Boosters Meeting
April 14, 2014

Called to Order:  6:02 p.m., Jackie Lafky presiding.

Members present:  Jackie Lafky, Bill Soranno, Dana Roland, Carolyn Bruels, Emily Weber (SMU student studying nonprofits and guest of Lori Ortega), Myron Haug, Tim Gleason, Terri Sim, and Lori Ortega.

Approval of Minutes from last meeting:  CB motion to approve, BS second, minutes approved.

Treasurer Report:  Budget rundown by BS.  Note that treasurer report always available for inspection.  April treasurer report handed out to members present.  Florida trip pay down continues, cash deposit for Pork and Pops discussed.  Pork and Pops raised around 5800.00 (including 38.00 of cash donation) which go into scholarship fund.  Nonprofit status updates–notification of IRS reception received, and waiting for approval.

Directors Time:  Myron–Big 9 Select music festival May 2, 2014 in Owatonna.  Big 9 Select band students selected (Sarah Ortega, Susan Miller, Jack Bryant, Chuck Havener, Katie Bruels, Annaliese Braaten, Joe Braun).  April 23rd rehearsal for these students.  Summer schedule will be made available for summer marching band. 

Another point of interest:  WSHS encourages students for community outreach, and several band students will attend Madison elementary for lunch with students.  (Sophomore Krysten Van Cleave, Juniors Becca Geisler, Kelsy Peterson, Alissa Shepardson, and Senior Livia Buechel.) 

Puffins update, early May delivery of pastries. 

Forms handed out for next cycle Florida trip– students to update and/or add emails for future information.  Please push for email addresses for Florida trip information file.  Important to have EMAIL ON FILE FOR COMMUNICATION!!

Nominating Committee Update:  Board slates for next year going slow, but several people have expressed interest and will potentially come on board for next year.  8 parent reps and 4 board members.   Email sent to ninth grade parents and 8th grade parents to try to find recruits for next year.  Second Mondays of the month will continue to be meeting times.

Other Items:  Post items (such as minutes, agenda, fundraiser information) to website when boosters become a nonprofit……important to be transparent within a nonprofit organization. 

Extra information for Florida trip–cash donations/gifts are always accepted for students and 100% of this goes into the student account (indicated as recipient for donation) for next Florida cycle. 

Meeting adjourned 6:34 p.m.  Minutes Respectfully Submitted by Lori Ortega.

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