Winona, Minnesota

WSHS Band Boosters Meeting
December 8, 2014

Call To Order: 6:05 p.m.

Members present: Bill Soranno, Jackie Lafky, Jenny Goede, Laura Doffing, Kate Parsi, Amy Halverson, Myron Haug, and Dana Roland

Election of Officers: Jenny Goede and Laura Doffing were elected as Co-Presidents; Jackie Lafky was elected as Vice President; Bill Soranno was elected as Treasurer and Kate Parsi was elected as Secretary.

Board Members for 2015: Allen Beguin (freshman), Laura Doffing (sophomore), Jenny Goede (senior/sophomore), Amy Halvorson (senior/freshman), Jackie Lafky (senior), Amanda Lyons (freshman), Elena Meyers (senior), Kate Parsi (freshman/junior), Dana Roland (sophomore), Terri Sim (senior), Bill Soranno, Becky Wisted (junior).

Approval of Minutes: Approved by Goede and second by Soranno, minutes approved.

Treasurers Report: Financial report was given. Parsi motion, Halverson second, minutes approved.

Directors Time: Haug: Asked for an updated list of who is planning on going to FL. On 2-4-15 WSHS graduate James Miller will bring his 70 member band from Gustavus Adolphus College and perform a concert; exact details will follow. A meal will also be served. Pork & Pops will be 2-8-15, winter concert will be 12-14-14 at 2:00. Composer Daniel Kallman contacted the directors and would like the band to play his music. He would come to the school, spend a day working with the program and write a piece for us. The cost of this would be $500. The Dorian Festival will be at the end of February. The pep band is coming together, Myron asked for our patience. Jack recently visited FL and will get us costs ASAP, he found out that students will not be able to ride between the parks at Universal, they will have to pick one park and stay there.

Other Items:

Spaghetti Dinner: 515 tickets sold, the sales, along with donations totaled $4281.00 in sales. Expenses were $489.60. The cost from Chartwell’s, $1475, was covered by the general fund.

Bake Sale: Net profit: $395.70, 35 families participated. We were asked if we want to participate next year as well and said we would consider it. Soranno moved that 5 names from the participants be drawn for a $20 deposit in their account for the FL trip, second by Lafky.

The winners were:

  • Meg Meyerhoff
  • Nicki Doffing
  • Lydia Sobek
  • Stephen Shaw
  • Kristen VanCleave

Pork & Pops: Will be on 2-8-15, tickets will be disbursed on 1-5-15 and the money will be due back to the school by 1-30-15. Menu will include coleslaw and each student is expected to sell 6 tickets at $8.00 per. We will used the same letter from last year.

Website: We locked into a 60 month “sale price” from GoDaddy at $3.99/month for a total of $239.40. We also renewed our domain name through 2/2016 for $16.34. The new site will support Pay Pal and update letters will be available here as of January 2015.

Adjourned: 7:25 p.m., next meeting is 1-12-15 at 6:30.

Submitted by Kate Parsi

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