Winona, Minnesota

Band Boosters Meeting
February 10, 2014

Call to Order: 6:10 p.m.

Members Present: Terri Sim, Jackie Lafky, Bill Soranno, Lori Ortega, Richard Harding, Carolyn Bruels, Laural Miller, Myron Haug.

Approval of Minutes (from January, 2014):  Minutes clarified that the potential Wall of Fame includes all performing arts program recognitions.  And wording correction under “other items” is stated as “All funds raised in off-year go to the scholarship fund and/or general fund.” TS motion to accept, JK second. Minutes approved.

Treasurer Report (numbers given to all members present, available for inspection at any time).  Nonprofit report, done, to be sent  on February 11, 2014.  YIPPEE!  Documents how the organization benefits the students and requests non-profit status for the Band Booster organization.  Fundraiser –done, but still taking donations.   Ready to fund new uniform parts!  Pork N Pops had 730 tickets pre-sold this year, which was the most ever presold.  Expenses figured and totaled—earnings of $7.34 per tickets.  714 meals were served.  (661 were from presales).  Very  few leftovers.  Terri will document  information (servings, type of food, serving size) for next year.  $5,358.20 profit.  Bill talked about rolling some of the monies into CDs—will be looked into.  CB first motion, JK second, report approved.

Directors Time, Myron:  Thanks to everyone for the Pork n Pops successful event.  Heading to Minneapolis for MMEA; will be checking in with uniform supplier for potential upgrades to current marching band uniforms.  MMEA all state reimbursements for two students who attend and fulfilled obligations for their all-state opportunity.  MMEA $$ donation for 9th grade students luncheons will be taken care of during the event.

MPR—band of the day news.  WSHS will be playing on their state high school programming.  Times to be announced.  Upcoming events:  Dorian Festival, March 2-3, Spring Concert, May 18.


Lori Ortega suggested allocation for 9th graders  treats/celebration treat box to be presented during bus ride to MMEA event—TS first motion, CB second,  motion approved.

Puffins fundraisers for spring—handout will be April 9, hand-in April 25 deadline, pick-up, May 7.

Tim conversation with Bill S.—instead of using scholarship just for students in need and for chaperones—instead, benefit everybody by subsidizing the Florida trip at a lesser cost for everyone—would be viewed as a bonus and would be figured after fundraising is done; this is in preliminary discussion right now.  

Skirts (Laurel Miller comments):  The black symphonic skirts are not in good shape even after many repairs.  It is suggested to replace these skirts—basic black skirts are preferred by Myron Haug with no frills.  In addition, adequate sizes are needed for many different sizes of girls.  White shirts should be considered for replacement.   Machine washable, easy to wear will be looked at—research for replacements will begin by Laurel Miller.

High school Informational Evening: Boosters will be setting up a nice display. (Lori Ortega will bring lights and music set up, other band decoration stuff).  Nominating Committee will be put together.  Note will be sent out to the board.  Send to all parents and 8th grade future band parents. Motion to Adjourn by BS, second by CB.

Meeting Adjourned at 7:25.  Minutes Respectfully Submitted by Lori Ortega.

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