Winona, Minnesota

Band Boosters Meeting
January 13, 2014

Call to Order—6:06 p.m.

Members Present: Terri Sim, Jackie Lafky, Bill Soranno, Richard Harding, Carolyn Bruels, Karin Sonneman, Lori Ortega, Tim Gleason, Myron Haug.

Approval of Minutes (from November 11, 2013) CB motion, KS second, minutes approved

Treasurer Report (numbers given to all members present, available for inspection at any time).

Scholarship dollars for students in need are exhausted. (Recipient needs exceeded what was available; excess was met from foundation funds, resulting in all student needs met).  15-16 students benefitted according to Myron Haug.  Motion to approve treasurer’s report JL, RH second, and treasurer’s report approved.  Special thanks to Bill Soranno for doing a great job as treasurer.

Non-profit update, numbers allocated, ready to go, report is upwards of 50 pages, ready to be sent.

Directors Time

Myron – Pork-n-Pops coming up February 9.  2 p.m. concert 10, 11, 12.  9th grade will play at 4 p.m.

Upcoming events:  Jazz Concert, Orchestra concert, Dorian Band (March 2 and 3–will need some financial help), Spring Concert, May 18.

Tim:  All-State auditions will be taped this year, March 20.  Suggestion to thank people who have given to band fundraiser—at concert, in a LTE.  Consider a “Wall of Fame” for music people who have musically inclined and groups who have been important to the music program. 

Marching pants will finally match, so opportunities will open because band will look consistent and dressed well (members liked this!)  Hence, suggestion to march in a bowl parade—this is in lieu of Florida for that particular year of interest.  Tim would like the conversation to start about this.  Particular things are needed for audition process including a professional recording, etc.  All avenues should be explored for this opportunity.  

Band Uniform Fundraiser Update – News!  J.J.  Rubbish donated $10,000 to the uniform cause.  Uniform goal has been accomplished.   Money envelopes will be continued at concerts and other events.

MMEA 9th Grade Event – 9th Grade Meals—band meals request from Melody Snyder when the 9th graders perform in February 13.  Students and chaperones have been requested for both lunch and dinner.   Bill S. requested an exact amount, with an approx. dollar amount for meals for each participant.  B.S. “Move to approve $2100.00 dependent on finalized numbers for students and chaperones and which meal it is for—clarification will be needed.”   R.H. seconded, motion approved.

PORK N POPS:Terri will check St. Mary’s and Steak Shop for pricing for Pork n Pops.  In the past, spent too much in the past, especially on potato salad.  Terri will be very aware of potential cost problems.  Ticket price will be $8.00.   Tickets will be handed out week of January 13.   Tickets will need to be returned by January 31st.  Volunteers will be needed for this event.


Bill, a few more items to share – fundraiser news, Butterbraids planned dates for upcoming year, Puffins went over very well.  Terri would like to see it done again—funds go to General Fund due to off-cycle.  Off trip years funds may be allocated to scholarship fund (10% of fundraiser profits) or all funds raised in off-year go to the scholarship fund, which supports chaperones also.  Bs, moves, JK. Seconded.  Motion passed.

Caroline Bruels:  List of suggestions for chaperones created to make expectations more clear.   Notes given to Tim from various parents who attended the trip.   Battery pack/ charging station has been suggested to invest in for band trips. 

Meeting Adjourned:  7:25

Minutes Respectfully Submitted by Lori Ortega

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