Winona, Minnesota

WSHS Band Boosters Meeting
January 12, 2015

Call To Order: 6:36pm

Members Present: Myron Haug, Tim Gleason, Jackie Lafky, Laura Doffing, Bill Soranno, Amy Halverson, Kate Parsi

Approval of Minutes: Lafky motion, Soranno second

Treasurer’s Report: Merchants Checking: $18,960.44, Merchants Paypal: $51.00 and Merchants Savings: $8,701.41 for a total of $27,712.85. Lafky motion, Halverson second.

Director’s Time: Andrew Jones is directing the pep band and they debuted at the game on Friday, Jan 9. WSHS band members have been given the dates of future game dates/times, students were asked to sign up. The Dorian Band Festival will be Feb 22 and 23, C. Polagna, J. Gilles and B. Solberg will participate. On Feb. 14, C. Plologna and B. Solberg will perform at Orchestra Hall for All State. Band boosters will pay $400 for their trip. Honor Band will be Jan 17 at Century High School and A. Weatherhead, E. HitzKelly, S. Beguin and S. Halverson will be in attendance for WSHS.

Old Business:

A.  Gustavus/J. Miller band visiting

More information will be available next month

B.  Pork & Pops Fundraiser

Sunday, February 8, an email will go out and the tickets and letters have been printed. Meat order will be placed on 1-30-15. The initial contact to Steak Shop needs to be this week, Laura will do this.

C. Website Bill demonstrated the website with WordPress. The site has a Facebook Feed as well. Families can sign up to work on the website for Pork & Pops. People who sign up on the website will be sent a reminder(s) and the schedule can be transferred to an Excel spreadsheet. We may have an “events signup" for the students as well; just like we have for the parents.

The update letter for the Florida trip will be accessible on the website. This will require people to sign in with a password so the data is kept private. There is a calendar feature so families can check the site and see upcoming events and see exact dates and plans of the FL trip. Parent access will be linked to their student’s account, multiple family members will show up when the parent logs in. Bill is testing this, but it will go live as it is finalized. Bill will have instructions out to participants on how to register for the site very soon. Tim suggested we also look into a streaming system that could be supported by the school. It was agreed that this would be good for the future.

New Business: Bill passed out freebies from the sales rep from Puffins.

Adjourn: 7:36 Lafky motion, second Soranno.

Submitted by Kate Parsi

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