Winona, Minnesota

Band Boosters Meeting
July 29, 2013

Called to Order at 6:04.

Present Terri Sim, Carolyn Bruels, Amy Jones, Kendra Budnick, Kathy Larson, Lori Ortega, Bill Sorrano, Myron Haug. Tim Gleason.

Presiding Officer, Terri  Sim.

Minutes—Approval of previous minutes (June, 2013)-Motion made by Carolyn B., K.L. seconded.  Motion approved.
Treasurer report—K.L. motion to approve, seconded, and treasury report approved.

Director’s Time:  (Myron):  Shared a  personal  thank you; BK5K grant $5000 received and used to purchase a new snare drum line (replacement of entire snare drum line complete).  Marching rehearsals  going well, representation of students going well.  State Fair date confirmed.

Question from Carolyn Bruels regarding the student band fee: Need adequate and clear notification for band fee and participation form— and might need to be addressed in the future if it is indeed a fair student fee.  Current charged fee is handled by Activities Department.  Suggestion to have more communication by A.D. regarding MSHSL form and fee and to further discussion of this subject with a board member.  Potential use of fees suggestion included uniform needs and upkeep.
Uniform discussion will continue as there are needs for improvement.   Subcommitee could be formed to further investigate uniform fundraising efforts.

Other items—Goodview Days, no fundraiser for that since building has been changed (this fundraiser was for general funds).

Butter Braids—Date confirmation.  Forms due onSeptember 18.  October 2, delivery.  Bill will reply to rep to confirm.  Used for kids going on band trip only, expect to sell approx. 2000.

Spaghetti  Dinner—October 13.  Sub-committee forming (Karin, Carolyn to start).  Suggestions made to have tickets provided earlier.   Possibly easier to combine fundraisers.  Suggested ticket prices may increase depending on costs.   Four tickets given per student.

Student communication can increase—possible use of instant alerts and definite use of emails sent by Terri to band parents.
New item—Kendra, Amy.  Suggestion for using a basket fundraiser at Spaghetti Dinner ,  (theme baskets) with raised funds going towards band trips and uniforms.  Space concerns and crowding at Elks brought up.  Pork and Pops might be better for an activity like this—  Potential Silent Auction trial at spaghetti dinner.  Spearheaded by Kendra and Amy.  Basket numbers will be small to see how it works.   Info brought back at next meeting.

Envelope fundraiser also suggested which uses empty envelopes with suggested donations printed on—(direct cash donations.)  Could be kick-off event  for band uniform fundraiser.   According to Tim, pant replacement—may be in the range of $20,000.  Tim will get more accurate numbers.  Potential funds raised with envelope system printed from $1.00 – 50.00 might be $1275.00.  Other ideas:  Sponsor  a pant, sponsor a marching kid, etc.—Amy, Terri, Kendra, Kim, Lori, Tim, Myron:   suggested subcommittee for uniform fundraiser.

Bill Soranno reports—Conflict of Interest policy discussed—making sure there is no undue gain in the org. for 1023. (reimbursement checks are provided with proper evidence of expenditure).  Bill makes motion to adopt the policy as handed out.  Seconded by K.L., motion approved.

Bill and Lori worked on 1023 form for nonprofit status—Nonprofit status worked on with final edits—payment made to IRS to file ($800.00) for nonprofit status.  Benefits for operating as a nonprofit will far outweigh any fee money spent.  Businesses that want to donate will benefit from this nonprofit status.  Paypal advantage is lower fees and interest rates.  Loans secured as a nonprofit are more readily available.

Tim:  additional comments—band trailer needs new artwork.  Fastenal has been the past supporter of this to donate paint for trailer.  Communication needs to be sent to a contact.  Cindy Donahue has been past person.

Kathy—Gave info regarding October meeting (parent info board meeting), trip form signing and insurance information.  To be held October 14.

Motion to adjourn by Terri.  K.L. first, Bill second. Adjourned at 7:35 p.m.

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