Winona, Minnesota

Band Boosters Meeting
March 10, 2014

Called to Order: 6:04 p.m. Jackie Lafky presiding.

Members present: Jackie Lafky, Bill Soranno, Carolyn Bruels, Cathy Larson, Myron Haug, Richard Harding, Lori Ortega, Tim Gleason.

Approval of Minutes from last meeting: Motion CL, CB, minutes approved.

Treasurer Report: Always available for inspection. Bill reviews this month’s report and discusses extracurricular expenses, band trip payment plan, itemized by accounts report, and points out that expenses and income expectations are all shown to be satisfactory. Richard Harding asked if funds are “looking good and in-line with budget” and Bill answered that we are in good shape, and actually better than in the past. CDs should be purchased with some current excess funds and then would be cashed out prior to next band trip; interest rate locked in when purchased and this is beneficial for our band funds. Jackie thought that using more money to purchase CDs might be beneficial. Bill will bring back to the board more details when ready to purchase. Cathy brought up to pinpoint a possible budget for future boards. It was suggested to take past expense reports and average these out to plan on future budgets. CB motion, CL second. Treasurer report approved.

Nonprofit status: IRS responded with confirmation that applications materials were received. Good news, but remains a slow process. There is now a tracking number for this application that can be referred to with any questions or needs regarding our application.

Directors Time: Myron – report on the MPR radio opportunity for band, pep band opportunity for girls basketball sections, convention meeting with uniform rep. (This rep likes existing marching coat, and thought that working with what we have and make gradual changes vs. change the whole uniform is a good idea.) Basic black pant with a crease will offer more versatility for future. Hope to have new black pants for Steamboat Days.

Tim: The music and performing arts presentation wall talked about, but process needs lots of discussion and buy-in from many different music areas and levels of administration. Tim hopes that it doesn’t take too long to miss opportunities to recognize people.

Other Items: Puffins fundraiser update: Handout will be in April 9, hand-in deadline is April 23, with late ordering by May 2, pick-up is May 7. Tim Gleason- motion to change the profits from puffin sale so that the freshman and sophomores profit goes into their trip account. Board COMMENTS—Current puffin profit–10% goes to scholarship—maybe start the fundraiser cycle in May 2014.” 3rd version of motion: Earning on fundraisers will not be determined until after fundraiser is complete. CL motion CB second, motion approved.

Nominating Committee Update – 8th grade parents will be contacted for next year’s board. Other names have been brought forward. Updated list of nominees to be prepared. Meeting during spring concert will be the confirmation for new board and reps for 2014/15 through general vote.

Meeting adjourned 7:10 p.m. Minutes Respectfully Submitted by Lori Ortega.

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