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Meeting Minutes
November 11, 2013

Call To Order:  6:10 p.m.

Present: Terri Sim, Jackie Lafky, Bill Soranno, Richard Harding, Cathy Larsen, Amy Jones, Becky Wisted, Carolyn Bruels, Myron Haug, Tim Gleason, Lori Ortega.

Approval of Minutes: Motion to approve by C.L., second by J. L.  September meeting minutes approved.

Treasurer’s Report: See treasury report for specific numbers [this report handed out to all present and available for inspection].  Florida trip funds collection going well and fundraiser monies have been accounted for.  Student accounts have been checked for any discrepancies or problems.  Any extra funds in student accounts will be written back to the student in accordance with our policy on this matter.  J.L. motion to approve, R.H second, treasury report approved.

Non-Profit Status Update—no new update at this point.—submission will take place as soon as the past 5 years of financials are sorted and recorded.  Bill does have the materials for submission and will finish this ASAP.  This has been time-consuming and takes much preparation, but important nonetheless.

Director’s Time

Myron Haug:  More information shared regarding final Florida trip plans.  Details continue to be worked out and by Wednesday a full itinerary will be sent out.  Links to different parks will be included, and all places that will be visited will be included on this itinerary and report.  Responsibilities have been addressed to students and continuing excitement builds.  Food needs addressed, especially the small breakfast offering prior to leaving on bus—Hy-Vee will be contacted for small breakfast donation.  Reminder of concert Tuesday night, November 19, at WSHS—also will be celebrating Senior Night during this concert.

Tim Gleason: Shared the actual new flag and other uniforms that will be used during the trip.  All new uniforms meet Disney World standards.  An orange bag (labeled with student name) will be used to store parts of the uniforms for the trip.  Trip t-shirts will be furnished (included in the cost of the trip)—meeting attendees brought up concerns about see-through aspect of fabric.  Importance of the lightweight fabric is the coolness and comfort beneath heavy marching uniforms.  Other suggestions include bringing a sewing machine and duct tape to make last minute repairs. 

Butter Braids Fundraiser (held in September, 2013):  Bill reported that approx. 1600 were sold, which is in line with previous year’s sales.  Students earned $4.00 per braid for their personal trip accounts.

Amy Jones brought up that new ideas should be generated for other potential fundraisers that may have a bigger return per item (e.g., Schwann’s frozen truck sale or other product online sales, etc.).  Look at options that have the biggest benefit for the students. 

Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser (held in October, 2013):  Bill shared event outcome and earnings per student.  Fundraiser statement passed out to those present. 

Band Uniform Fundraiser:  Shelly report $8,659.00 to date (pledged and actual dollars)—Elks craft and vendor event that will include the fundraiser table.  Fundraising table will be set up for concert and ornaments will be included on this table.

Upcoming Concerts: November 19, marching band concert auditorium.

Adjourn:  B.S. motioned, J.L. seconded, meeting adjourned at 6:48. 

Meeting Minutes respectfully submitted by Lori Ortega.

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