Winona, Minnesota

Band Boosters Meeting
September 2013

Call to order: 6:05.


Present: Terri Sim, Kendra Budnick, Amy Jones, Monica Konkel, Kim Thill, Kelly Peter, Kim Schneider, Carolyn Bruels, Bill Soranno, Jacki Lafky, Karin Sonneman, Renee Stroinski, Kayla Jonsgaard, Samantha Hjelmeland, Morgan Stroinski, Stephanie Simmons, Cathy Larsen, Diana Hancock, Christine Bothun, Lori Ortega, Tim Gleason, Myron Haug.

Approval of minutes: name spelling correction and add Jacki. Cathy Larson motion to approve minutes.  Carolyn Bruels second, meeting minutes approved.

Treasurers report: bank report given (see treasury report), a bit behind in band trip deposits currently.  Late Florida trip payment needs to be made by band parents.  Reminder will be sent out. Scholarship opportunities announced for those that need it.
Donations report included in Bill’s report, including Kwik Trip donations and can donations, etc.  Hal Leonard donation of $500.00 came as a surprise.  Thank you letter will be written to the company. 

Nonprofit status update, Bill still working on this  as it is taking much more time than expected.

Director report:  Marching going well, each parade has been successful.  State fair parade took 4th place.  Owatonna parade, 1st place.  For LaCrescent parade: concern for nutrition and hydration—sandwiches recommended to feed the kids to have energy to march.  Sandwich Company suggestion—paid $850.00 previous year to feed kids from same company.  Pay for it out of student activity fund.   K.L. made motion to reimburse cost of subs., K.P. second.   Motion approved.  Meals will be furnished to marching students.  Email will be sent out to ask for help to pass out sandwiches and other tasks during the LaCrescent parade.  Thanks to the volunteers for helping the band throughout all the stages of each marching event.

October 14 FLORIDA TRIP meeting preview from Tim:  Previous year’s forms handed out and explained.  Current forms will be passed out and explained at the parent meeting in October.  Forms handed out include medical forms, extended travel forms, bus list, etc.  Hotel and bus forms explained, hotel chaperones explained.  Updates on chaperones, need to meet together before the large meeting.  Fans are invited to go–there is still some room on bus.  Sophomores have been invited to go because there is room—(30-40 bus spaces are available.)  Concerns were addressed regarding taking the younger students.  October 14 6 p.m. meeting will have greater detail regarding everything for the Florida trip.  Trip scholarships–students may ask for assistance, and accounts may be paid after the trip is done, if needed and reasonable.  Individual situations will be considered for all of this information. And all of this information is confidential.

Current Fundraisers:  Butter Braids—email sent out, forms sent home. Presales going on now, October 2 delivered, Tim explains the process of selling butter braids—$4.00 per butter braid goes into each student account.  Spaghetti Dinner works differently—profit margin depends on what the expenses are, what income is, and then student profit is netted out—resulting in how much earned per ticket, per student.  October 13 (held at Elks ) is the spag dinner event.  Spag dinner changes, 6 tickets home with each student.  More tickets available.  Vegetarian option is available.  Spag. Dinner info emailed for volunteers and items to bring (Lori Ortega commented that not everyone has received this email).

OTHER Director News:

  • Band trailer is unreadable and lettering is in poor shape—financial means for improvement/replacement provided by Fastenal and graphics by Terry Leider. 
  • 9th grade band to perform at Minnesota state music convention—Melody will be directing the 9th grade band during the next few months.
  • WSU honors concert and honors jazz band announcements (students should see Melody for jazz, Myron for the concert band nominations).
  • New drum major uniform discussion—ordered 6 at a cost $500.00. Flag uniform discussed, need one that is a dedicated uniform. $3000.00 will be the cost. Student activity account will be used for these expenses.
  • Terri congratulated Tim and Myron for a job well done with the students.  (applause!)
  • Band auditions for symphonic band has not occurred—wait until after Florida trip.
  • Condition of band concert uniforms—white shirts and sequin vests not in great shape but still working.  Not a priority.  Marching band uniforms are the priority.
  • Parent fundraisers—question raised about a recent fundraiser that was allegedly advertised incorrectly by newspaper.  As representative of the school, can’t be used for personal gain.  $300.00 was raised by these parents and given to the booster organization.  Documentation should happen for every money transaction, no matter what. There are.stringent rules for documentation, transparency important for legitimate operations.

Group fundraiser for band pants update (M.U.S.I.C.):

Pant replacement needed because pants are in terrible condition and stripes are not consistent on each pant.  Pants are also ill-fitting. Some pants have suspenders and not in good shape.  Fundraisers presented include an envelope fundraiser that includes having envelope presentations at school events and other band events.  Report should be given but empowerment lay in the hands of the subcommittee for decisions and little nit-picky things that don’t need to come before the board.  Goal is to raise $20,000.00 for pants—continue this however to build up money for future needs.  Current need is the pant replacement and the flag uniform updating.  Any questions—see Terri, subcommittee will continue to make this fundraiser happen.

Terri motions to adjourn at 7:17.

Respectfully submitted by Lori Ortega, Recording Secretary.

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